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Toll Pelletizing/Compounding

Tecno Consult have a large capacity of machines to offer you the best in toll re-pelletization services. Your product will be clean and consistent in either strand-cut or water-ring pellet configuration. We have invested heavily into upgrading and maintaining our equipment designs because we know it matters to your process and quality. We can save you money and turn your scrap into a product that you can re-use.  


Custom Blending


Metals & Fines Removal


On Site Bin & Trailer Service

We can provide on-site bins or trailers with regularly scheduled pickups customized to fit your interest. Whatever it takes to work with your space and keep your factory or yard clean- Tecno Consult can do it. 



Are you interested in having your scrap ground? Tecno Consult can provide toll grinding that includes metal and fine removal and production packaging. We have a variety of screen options for size reduction. We have partnered with many companies who are only interested in having their material ground shipped. This is a fit especially when it is not cost-effective to ship scrap plastic long distances. 


Material Lab Testing

Do you want to be sure of some of the major properties of the material you are buying? We uses an onsite laboratory to check and maintain important plastic material specifications. This ensures that you get material that matches the properties you wanted for smooth manufacturing at your factory. 

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