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Tecno Consult TSR, we provide various plastic and metal materials in different forms to suit the needs of our local customers and abroad. 

Our business specializes in selling reprocessed and virgin materials and buying scrap and regrind materials. In addition to offering fair and competitive prices, it is our goal to have great trustworthy service. We are extremely proud of our hard earned reputation that has thrived and progressed through the years.

Tecno Consult is set apart from other reprocessing and distribution companies by our consistent product line and customized formulations. We are able to react quickly to the changing needs and demands within our industry. The people at Tecno Consult work hard at earning and maintaining strong relationships with the companies we do business with.

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Certified Experts

Quality Services

competitive price

Our mission & Vision:

Provide the highest level of service in dealing with your scrap materials while offering the most competitive price. Whether we are creating a scrap management plan that fits your business or simply recycling your old soda cans, Tecno Consult will give you a no-hassle experience that benefits us both. 

Our Core solutions

Plastic Recycling

Buy & Sell Plastic Scrap

Sell Reprocessed Material

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